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If a student is absent, please call the office the day of the absence at 562-594-9793. If the student has a medical appt., please bring in the note the next day. 

Safety News

Help us keep our students safe! 

  • Drop-off  and pick-up students curbside. Please do not drop off students in the middle of the street.
  • The Bus Zone on Ocana Street is no longer an unloading and loading zone.  Stopped vehicles on Ocana may be ticketed.
  • Students must arrange to be dropped-off and picked-up outside of the Bus Zone.
  • Students and parents should use marked crosswalks on Los Arcos only.
  • All students arriving before 8:40 AM must stay in the cafeteria area which is supervised.
  • Students crossing in Bus Zone and middle of the street will be cited and assigned lunch detention beginning Monday, September 16th.
  • All students are expected to arrive in uniform with ID visible to staff at all times.

Thank you for your support in keeping Stanford a Safe and Civil School.


Growth Mindset


Fixed Mindset
The belief that skills, intellect, and talents are set and unchangeable.



Growth Mindset
The belief that skills, intellect, and talents can be developed through practice and perseverance. 


I'll stick to what I know. Either I'm good at it or not. Desires I want to learn new things. I am eager to take risks.
It's fine the way it is. There is nothing to change. Skills Is this really my best work? What else can I improve?
This is a waste of time; there's a lot to figure out. Effort I know this will help me even though it is difficult.
It's easier to give up. I'm not really smart. Setbacks I'll use another strategy; my mistakes help me learn.
This work is boring. No one likes to do it. Feedback I recognize my weakness, and I know how to fix it.
It's easy for him or her. They were born smart. Talented Peers I wonder how they did it. Let me try to figure it out.

Stanford News


From Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser. Learn more.


Participants will view and discuss the award-winning film, "Screenagers," which probes into the vulnerable corners of family life and the messy struggles over things like social media, cyber bullying, video games and academics.


See attached flier for details.


Basic Services -- LCAP Highlights 


Dear Friends,


Two weeks ago, we began sharing with you some highlights of our Local Control and Accountability Plan, or LCAP.  We began with a publication titled Academic Excellence.  Today we continue our series of highlights with Basic Services – A Foundation for Excellence.


If the title links to the above documents don’t work, you can also find them at lbschools.net under the Local Control Funding section.


In the coming weeks, we will share additional highlights of the LCAP.


Best regards,



Christopher J. Steinhauser
Superintendent of Schools


Servicios Básicos -- Lo Destacado del LCAP


Estimados Amigos,


Hace dos semanas empezamos a compartir con ustedes algunos puntos destacados de nuestro Plan de Control y Responsabilidad Local o LCAP.  Empezamos con una publicación titulada Excelencia Académica.  El día de hoy seguimos con nuestra serie de los aspectos destacados con Servicios Básicos – La Fundación para la Excelencia.


Si los enlaces con los títulos no funcionan, usted también puede encontrarlos en lbschools.net bajo la sección “Local Control Funding.”


En las próximas semanas, compartiremos puntos adicionales del LCAP.


Mis mejores deseos,



Christopher J. Steinhauser

Superintendente Escolar



7th and 8th Grade Students who have good grades and conduct can apply for the Stanford chapter of California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF), a state-wide scholarship and service organization.  Students must re-apply each semester.


The purpose of the CJSF is to foster high standards of scholarship and citizenship on the part of students.  Students who attain membership for at least three of the four semesters of their 7th and 8th grade years (6th graders are not eligible for CJSF) are considered Honor Members.


In order to qualify for membership, students cannot have D, F, N, or U grades.  They receive points for the grades in their core classes (Language arts, Science, Math, and History), as well as academic electives (music, computers, FACS, art, LB Scholars, etc.):  three points for an A, one point for a B, and no points for a C.  No points for advisory or PE.  Students must have a total of at least twice as many points as academic classes (usually 5 classes/10 points) in order to become members.  See application for more information.


Completed, signed applications and a copy of the most recent report card are due to Mrs. Heyer (room 206) by Wednesday, March 7th.  Late applications are not accepted.


State law requires all public schools to create a School Accountability Report Card (SARC). The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about your child's school, which includes:

  • School Description and Mission
  • School Programs and Instructional Materials
  • Opportunities for Parent Involvement
  • Test Results
  • Safety Plan
  • Facilities

We invite you to view the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) for your child's school.  You can find your school's SARC here.


Results of the 2017-2018 School of Choice Process for current eighth grade students will be sent home via US Mail this week. Results will also be visible in ParentVue beginning Friday, February 16, at 5:00pm.


Please remember, enrollment is not complete until you intend to a pathway that you have been accepted to. Failure to intend (via ParentVue) and certify by the deadline of 11:59pm Friday, February 23, 2018, can result in the loss of that acceptance.


After viewing your results, if you wish to file an appeal, a link to the form, as well as a paper copy will be available on our website. These forms can also be obtained from your Middle School or K8 Office.


We strongly recommend intending to a pathway while the appeals are being reviewed, as there is no guarantee of an appeal being granted.


For this year, the deadline to file an appeal is the close of business on March 16, 2018. Following that, the next opportunity to apply for a transfer will be April 1, 2019, through the High School Office.


If you have any questions, please call the High School Choice Helpline at (562) 997-8306.


Student Council is collecting donations for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can click here to donate online or send a donation into the school office. Thanks for your support!




Anonymous Bully Hotline

From Home

Email Leland Stanford in School Loop if you are being bullied.

From School

Log in to School Loop and send a Loop Mail to "Bully Hotline."

If you know of a situation that should be reported to the school, but you don't want to be identified, this is the perfect way to help! Keep our school safe for all students.

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