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I have been a teacher in the Long Beach Unified School District for 29 years. I am a Physical Education teacher at Stanford Middle School in Long Beach, California. I am an accomplished sports coach with experience in Water Polo, Swimming, Soccer, Track and Field and Volleyball. I am  married to a Physical Education teacher, Curt Knowles, and have 4 children and one grand daughter. In my spare time I travel with my family. In the summer we like to travel to tropical destinations to scuba dive and in the winter we take our RV to the desert and motorcycle ride. During the spring break my husband and I take the Stanford students on educational travel trips to the Washington D.C area to study History and to Florida to study Marine Biology. We enjoy spending quality time with all our children and are very busy chasing them around the United States.

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Mary Knowles


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Health Opportunities Through Physical Education

Health Opportunities through Physical Education

The purpose of this course is to (a) acquire knowledge of physical fitness concepts, (b) understand the influence of lifestyle on health and fitness, and (c) begin to develop an optimal level of fitness by designing and implementing a fitness plan. The content includes, but not limited to, the following: assessment of health-related fitness, components of physical fitness, psychological values of physical fitness, fitness program design including nutrition, and a jump rope fitness activity unit.

Discussion Question Directions

Each week has a discussion box. Please click on discuss next to the questions and add your response. Your response should be 100 words in length. Selections from assigned reading should be cited. Initial, first, post should be completed no later than Thursday at midnight. You will need to add two (2) more posts in response to your classmates responses. All posts to classmates post must be completed by Sunday at midnight. Positive, respectful postings are expected in accordance with school policy. In review a minimum of three posts must be complete by Sunday at midnight. The posts will be graded using the rubric, The Post Rubric, found in the class locker, will be used to determine points.


8th Grade Panoramic Picture this Friday!
All 8th graders will be taking the 8th grade panoramic picture this Friday during period 1.  Pictures cost $17.00 unframed or $35 framed and must be pre-ordered. Order forms are available in the office. Students, please wear a white shirt and... Continue
Posted by: Shawn Abbate
Published: 4/16/14

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