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  Patricia Anaya ex: 916 Teacher
  Florence Wolfe Teacher

Best Friends Club

What is Best Friends?

Best Friends is a social club that gets together two times a month to enhance the lives of students with and without disabilities by providing opportunities for mutually enriching life-long friendships and experiences.

Stanford's Best Friends


Students from Ms. Anaya and Ms. Wolfe’s classes are paired with a peer or peers. These students may have a disability that makes school and making new friends extra difficult for them. But they are just like you! They love to spend time with their friends, play sports, listen to music, dance, go to the movies. This club helps them meet new people and socialize with peers their own age.



As a Best Friend you will have the opportunity to interact with your buddy during crafts, carnivals, games (parachutes, obstacle courses, soccer or basketball games, etc.), talent show, picnics and more. Best Friends has become a wonderful opportunity at Stanford for our students with and without special needs to make friendships that we hope will last a lifetime.



You will meet twice per month during lunch on Tuesdays