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  Heather Gruenthal Librarian
  Laura Martinez School Secretary
  Sandra Pleasance Assistant Principal
  Nicole Reyes Assistant Principal
  Rocio Sandoval Enrollment
  Kurt Victor (562) 594-9793 ex: ext. 301 Technology Coordinator

Important Contacts

If you have questions about... contact...
Your child's attendance Laura Lee Yolton (Attendance Clerk)
Enrolling or withdrawing a student; copies of test scores/grades Rocio Sandoval (Counselor's Clerk)
Purchasing a yearbook Kurt Victor (Yearbook Adviser)
Purchasing Spirit Wear Crystal Duncan (Banker)
A student (grade 6) Suzanne Caverly (Principal)
A student (grade 7) Sandra Pleasance (Counselor)
A student (grade 8) Nicole Reyes (Assistant Principal)
Medication at school / Student injury / medical issues Jayne Petrich (Nurse)
Lost library books / fines Heather Gruenthal (Librarian)
Other problems or questions Laura Martinez (Office Manager)
Other problems or questions Rocio Sandoval (Purchasing)
Cafeteria -- Payments / Accounts / PIN numbers Lupie Rivera (Cafeteria Manager)