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Academic Attire

Stanford's Uniform

All students who choose to attend Stanford Middle School are expected to be in uniform. Students must agree, in writing, to conform to the standards described below:


Apparel Required Color(s) Policy and/or Code
Shirt, Top, or Blouse Solid Red, Solid Black, Solid Grey, or Solid White

Short or Long sleeve

No logos larger than a fist and no logos on the back.
No prints or patterns (stripes, plaids, polka-dots)
No tank tops, halter-tops or bare midriffs (crop tops) 

No low necklines


Spirit Wear: Stanford Club shirts, WEB Shirts, Spirit Wear; Must be printed with approved Stanford logos

Pants Black

Pants or shorts should fit at the waist and inseam.
No logos. No sagging.No baggy pants. No overalls.
Plain belt buckle free of initials or insignia.
No athletic wear: this includes leggings, athletic, training and yoga pants, gym shorts or sweats.

Skirt/Shorts Black

Same as above. Must be at least thumb length.

Outer Garments Red, White, or Black

No logos except Stanford logo.
On rainy days, rain gear of another color may be worn and removed upon entering the classroom.


Closed toed shoes. No slippers/flip-flops/open-toes shoes


Hats, beanies, and hoods are not permitted. Hoods and beanies must be removed upon entering a classroom.

Ragged/ Torn

Prohibited. This includes designer ragged. Inner and outer seams of pants and shorts may not be cut. All garments must be hemmed.


Policy in effect 8/29/2018




Uniform violators will be given every opportunity to change into the correct Stanford uniform.  Repeat offenders are subject to progressive discipline.   



District Standards/Rules (applies even on free-dress days):

  • Size appropriate clothing is required.
  • No bare midriffs.
  • Undergarments may not be exposed.  
  • Approved Stanford team jerseys and warm-ups may be worn.
  • Shoes must adhere to LBUSD standards – closed toe only - no slippers, no “flip flops” 
  • Shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length.  Shorts and skirts must be longer than the reach of the student’s thumb. “Rule of Thumb”
  • Hoods must remain down at all times on campus.
  • Hats, head bands, wave caps, bandanas, hairnets, and combs in the hair are not permitted.
  • Tears, holes, patches, slits in the seams, and ragged hems in clothes and shoes are not permitted. 
  • No fishnet or patterned stockings. 
  • Leggings / tights must be SOLID black and only worn with tops that are thumb lengths or under appropriate bottoms. 
  • No gloves, chains, badges, patches, spiked accessories, and initialed belt buckles.
  • No tank tops, swimsuits, sweat pants, yoga pants, short shorts, beach attire, low neckline, low back line, spaghetti straps, lace, or shoulder exposing garments are permitted.  
  • No gang-related writing on backpacks, shoes, and clothing.
  • Tattoos must be covered.