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  MARIANE J SIMON (562) 597-2622 ex: 502 Teacher/Dept. Chair

Mariane Simon

Mariane Simon

Family and Consumer Science

FACS slide

Stanford is proud to be one of the few middle schools in Long Beach to offer FACS, or Family and Consumer Sciences. Previously known as Home Economics (circa 1899), then FACS (since 1994), its curriculum prepares students to succeed in their personal lives, as well as the workplace. FACS provides students the tools that lead to confidence, independence, and success for oneself.


FACS at Stanford consists of fun, hands-on, multi-unit classes available for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students that involve the areas of human development, clothing and textiles, and foods. There is an emphasis on home experiences based on students’ personal needs and passions. Problem-based learning lessons and labs encourage critical thinking and self-development. Stanford FACS students are inspired and challenges to use inquiry and logic to problem-solve real-life situations.


Course content for all classes emphasize the following: assertiveness, effective communication skills, time-management, decision-making, organizational skills, consumerism, etiquette, home and workplace safety, career awareness, sewing skills, clothing care, healthy eating, and food planning and preparation.


Four fully-equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, and over 40 sewing machines make up our busy lab classroom. Please feel free to contact Ms. Mariane Simon ( for a tour, or to answer any questions.