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Mission & Vision


To educate and inspire all students towards academic and social responsibility.


Teachers, administrators, staff, students and parents work together to promote high standards for ALL Stanford students. Stanford Middle School provides a rigorous educational environment, challenging students to accept and demonstrate personal responsibility for academic, social, civic and technological skills needed to compete, communicate and thrive as scholars and citizens.

2018 -2019 Goals


Increase the number of students who meet and exceed the standard for performance on the SBAC by 3%, ending at 72% overall for ELA and 63% overall in Math by May 2019



Increase the number of students who exceed the standard for performance on the SBAC Reading Claim by 1% overall, ending at 42%, and a 10% increase in each of our lowest performing subgroups by May 2019



Increase "Sense of Belonging" as measured by favorable responses on the CORE Survey inn January 2019 by 3%, to 75%


School Wide Focus:

Building relationships among students and staff (U6)

Instructional Focus:

Using complex tasks and texts S in daily instruction (U2)

Schoolwide Values

Success for all students

Assisting through...

  • Advisories (Math turtorials, SST assistance with case carriers)
  • Homework Help
  • RSP Tutorials
  • AVID Tutorials
  • AVID On-watch and contracts
  • AVID organization tutoring with 6th graders
  • Algebra tutorials
  • Fast Track (semester 2)
  • SST, RSP, and EL case carriers
  • Grade Level and special program meetings
  • Multiple F Action Team
  • CJSF tutoring Stanford and elementary pupils
  • Individual counseling and community agency referrals
  • Student, teacher, parent, Learning Director conferences
  • Daily and weekly academic/behavior checks

Celebrating through...

  • Personal Best - minimum of 3.0 GPA, no Fs, Ns or Us
  • Principal's Honor - minimum of 3.5 GPA
  • AVID Quarter Awards
  • AVID College Fieldtrips
  • Conferences with Learning Director
  • CJSF recognition ceremony

High expectations

Assisting through...

  • September grade-level assemblies
  • Ongoing bulletin reminders
  • Frequent reports to parents
  • Newsletters, website

Celebrating through...

  • Student of the Month
  • Conferences with Learning Director
  • Personal Best quarterly rewards
  • Semester and end of year certificates/treats

Responsibility and Integrity

Assisting through...

  • Learning Director format
  • Truancy counseling/parent meetings/ticketing
  • RSP case carriers/grade reviews
  • Best Buddy program
  • Safe School Ambassabors
  • Think First
  • Individual counseling

Celebrating through...

  • Student of the Month
  • 97% attendance certificates (mid and end of year)
  • AVID quarterly awards
  • Best Buddies picnics, dances, plays



Assisting through...

  • Learning Director format
  • Grade Level meetings (monthly)
  • Planning Day waiver allows for department planning time (monthly)
  • Best Buddies gathering/fieldtrips
  • AVID fun events (ropes course, bowling, etc.)
  • Academic and :Sports Teams
  • Music (musicals, Festivals)

Celebrating through...

  • Special program events and trips
  • MathCounts
  • All City sports recognition (4 straight years)
  • PTA sponsored welcome breakfast & staff appreciation luncheon


Assisting through...

  • Learning Director format
  • Safe School Ambassabors
  • Ongoing site drills and training
  • Safety Committee
  • Safe Moves (6th Graders)

Celebrating through...

  • Safe School Ambassadors fieldtrips
  • Mix It Up Day


Continuous Improvement

Assisting through...

  • Ongoing data review (LROIX) of Math quarterly, ELA Cluster Exams
  • Schoolwide goals supported through Department and Personal (Stull) goals
  • BTSA (new teacher) support
  • Best practices shared with departments (planning days)

Celebrating through...

  • Mid-year State of the School faculty review of goals
  • Title I Academic Achievement recognition
  • Pyramid Award (District recognition