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Stanford P.E. Faculty
  Amy Brown Teacher
  Mr. Bryan Feely (562) 594-9793 ex: 511 NBCT Teacher, Dept. Chair
  Janie Knowles (562) 594-9793 ex: 516 Teacher
  Mr. Navarro Teacher
  David Porte Teacher
Physical Education Locker

Consent Form

Students and athletes, in order to publish your name or image on this web site, you must have this consent form filled out, signed and returned to Mr. Victor.

Physical Education

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P.E. Guidelines

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help children develop a lifelong commitment to their own physical health, well-being and fitness while participating in a wide variety of pleasurable activities.

All students are expected to dress in a P.E. uniform and participate every day. Students who need to be excused from activity must bring a written note from a parent or guardian. In most cases, students with notes are still required to suit up. If an illness or injury prohibits a student from participating for more than 3-days, a note from a doctor is required.

Uniform Requirements

Acceptable Attire

  • Shorts- Stanford or black, hemmed shorts.

  • Shirts- Stanford or plain, grey t-shirts.

  • Sweatshirts- Stanford or plain red, gray, white or black sweatshirts.

  • Sweatpants- Plain red, gray, white or black hemmed sweatpants.

  • Shoes- Athletic shoes with rubber soles.

  • Socks- Athletic socks are required.

*All clothing must be clearly marked with the student's first and last names in blue or black permanent marker.

Unacceptable Attire

  • Any clothing with pockets, logos, zippers, stripes, buttons, drawings, designs, etc.

  • Jackets and sweaters, school clothes, biker shorts or undershirts.

  • Boots, sandals or any footwear deemed unsafe by P.E. staff.

  • Borrowing clothing from other students or clothing not designatd only for P.E.

  • Jewelry that may cause injury like dangling earrings, hoops, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

  • Tank tops or non-Stanford sleeveless shirts, leggings, tights or colorful socks.

  • Athletic headbands, wristbands, bandanas, hats, caps, nets, etc.

Loan Clothes

Students are required to wear loan clothes when they do not have their proper uniform. Students must acquire loan clothes before reporting to their roll call number. Students who do not borrow loan clothes may be referred to a learning director for consequences.

Consequences for Overuse of Loan Clothes (per grading period)

1st Time- No consequence.

2nd Time- Warning/student notification.

3rd Time- Conduct grade lowered, detention and parent notification.

4th Time- Conduct grade lowered, detention, and parent notification.

5-Times or More- Conduct lowered and referral to learning director.

Uniform Pricing

  • Shorts- $10

  • Shirts- $10

  • Sweatshirts- $10

Locks and Locker Rooms

All students are issued lockers in Physical Education. Lockers are only to be used during their P.E. period and only for P.E. items. Lockers are not to be shared. Locker rooms are open after school to Stanford sports team members only.

Small Lockers

Small lockers are for storing student P.E. items when students are not in P.E.

Large Lockers

Large lockers are for storing backpacks, school uniforms and other personal belongings. Because other students use these throughout the day, these are to be locked during P.E. only.


Students are issued on combination lock to use interchangeably between both small and large lockers. For safety and security reasons, locks must be school issued. If a student chooses to use a lock from home, he/she will be warned one time before the lock is removed (cut off). Students should notify a P.E. teacher if their school lock is missing. Students are advised to look throughout the locker room and in the lost-and-found before notifying a P.E. teacher. Replacement locks will cost $5.