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LBUSD High School Choice Information

High School CHOICE Key dates 2019-2020

dates and times subject to change






Sept. 5 - Dec. 1

Non-LBUSD families must register with the High School Choice Office to activate a ParentVUE account.


Verify/update address in ParentVUE
Current LBUSD students -- make change at your middle school
Non-LBUSD students -- make change with the HS Choice Office

High School Choice Helpline

(562) 997-8306



“School Choice” Informational Website GOES LIVE!!

(High School - Incoming Freshmen)

1. Go to

2. Select the "Parents" tab

3. Select "School Choice"



School Messenger phone calls/texts begin to go out to 8th-grade families. Please listen carefully. Important deadlines/information will be shared each week

High School Choice Helpline

(562) 997-8306



High School Choice Summit #1

Cabrillo High School (9-12pm)

2001 Santa Fe Ave. Long Beach

Aline Maestas

(562) 951-7700



High School Choice Summit #2

McBride High School (9-12pm)

7025 E. Parkcrest St. Long Beach

Gerard Morrison

(562) 425-3539



Sato Academy Site Night

(6-8 PM – 1100 Iroquois Ave.   Long Beach)

Brett Wiley

(562) 598-7611



CAMS Site Night

(9-12 PM - 1000 E. Victoria Street  Carson)

Julie Sparks

(310) 243-2025



Browning Site Night

(6-7:30 pm – 2180 Obispo Ave. Long Beach)

Michelle Gamboa

(562) 997-1700



Millikan Site Night

(6-8 PM – 2800 Snowden Ave  Long Beach)

Stephanie Heilig

(562) 425-7441



Cabrillo Site Night

(9-12 PM – 2001 Santa Fe Ave.  Long Beach)

Aline Maestas

(562) 951-7700



Jordan Site Night

(6- 8 PM – 6500 Atlantic Ave.  Long Beach)

Wendy IIl

(562) 423-1471



McBride Site Night

(6-8 PM - 7025 E. Parkcrest St. Long Beach)

Dawn Lucchese

(562) 425-3539



Poly Site Night

(6-8 PM – 1600 Atlantic Ave  Long Beach)

Thurman Ashley

(562) 591-5171



Wilson Site Night

(6-8pm - 4400 E. 10th St. Long Beach)

Melissa Galbreath

(562) 591-0581



Lakewood Site Night

(6-8 PM - 4400 Briercrest Ave.  Lakewood)

Ron Bazer

(562) 425-1281



Renaissance Site Night

(6-8 PM – 1400 E. 20th St  Long Beach)

Dan Heneghan

(562) 591-7477



High School Choice Application opens at 9 AM

Log onto your ParentVue and click on the "School of Choice" tab at lower left

High School Choice Helpline

(562) 977-8306



High School Choice Application closes at 11:59 PM

All high school applications are DUE. Every 8th Grader must submit an online application - there are no paper applications

Late January/
Early February


Incoming 9th grade high school placements posted on ParentVUE

Application Process and Procedures

Be prepared to apply

  • Ensure that you can login to your ParentVUE account.
  • Is the address to your ParentVUE account correct?
    • The address in ParentVUE will determine your Residence Area High School. Make changes at your middle school ASAP.
  • Private, Out of District and Home schooled students contact Choice Helpline at 562-997-8306 for assistance in setting up your ParentVUE account.

How to apply

  • All 8th grade students MUST complete an online High School Choice Application for the  2020-2021 school year through a ParentVUE account. Applications will be available online December 6, 2019 at 9 AM. All on-time applications are considered equally.
  • Complete application and submit online by December 18, 2019 at 11:59 PM. There are no paper applications.
  • Private, Out of District and Home Schooled students use the same online application.

Pathway Placement Procedure

  • LBUSD places students at the high schools by following the enrollment procedures outlined in the LBUSD Guidelines for Student and Parents (pages 18-19).
  • Selection for admission to pathways is based on:
    • Number of seats available
    • Students' school of residence status
    • Ranked choice of pathway on student application
    • Eligibility status
  • Space limitations and specific program requirements may cause your first choice to not be accepted.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered after all the applications turned in on time have been acted on and after the high school knows if it still has openings for incoming 9th graders.
  • Placement notification is available through ParentVUE in late January to early February.


  • High School counselors will visit in-district middle and K-8 schools during April 2020 to assist in the selection of class for 9th grade. Non-LBUSD families will be contacted by the assigned school.
  • Visit high school open house in May to meet teachers and staff.
  • Families continue to encourage their 8th grade students to challenge themselves at school.
  • Plan on attending Sports/PE/Extracurricular Information Day on Friday, June 12th at your assigned high school.
  • Attend freshman orientation in August. Families will receive information from their student's assigned high school.

Need More Information?

Call the CHOICE Hotline! (562) 997-8306

Download the Smartphone/Tablet App

- Latest news and updates

- Details on all programs

- Community events and dates

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