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Long Beach Scholars

Contact Ms. Mariane Simon  Ms. Mariane Simon (562) 594-9793 ex: 502 Teacher/Dept. Chair

Our Mission

To support students in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for success in college, careers, and beyond. 

Learning Outcomes

Students will explore/learn:

  • Academic and social skills for school success
  • Careers in the various industry sectors and their connection to LBUSD
  • Multiple pathways to higher education
  • Post-secondary options: college, university, trade schools, etc.
  • Benefits of higher education and lifelong learning

What is Scholars?

It is an elective class designed to advance college and career awareness by assisting middle school students in understanding that they are living for their futures 

The Program

College and Career

  • Learn basic organizational skills for success
  • Explore interests, passions, and hobbies and their connection to academics, high school pathways, and career choices
  • Explore college and career options

Critical and Innovative Problem-Solver

  • Develop critical thinking skills through research inquiry and real world projects.
  • Explore career requirements in various sectors
  • Participate in scholarly discussions 


  • Build a sense of respect for and responsibility to a broader community
  • Develop a foundation for respecting diversity
  • Learn about the positive benefits of service learning

Ethical Decision Maker

  • Develop skills to support effective navigation of personal and professional relationships
  • Explore tools to develop coping and resiliency skills in challenging situations
  • Develop an awareness of academic and social networks of support

Effective Communicator and Collaborator

  • Develop effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Learn the power of collaboration through academic and social teambuilding exercises
  • Learn and build traits to promote healthy relationships with others