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2022-2023 Club List (Updated 9/22. This list may change.)

Club Name Advisor
3-D Printing Ms. Westgate
Anti-Racism  Mr. Waddles
Arts & Crafts Mr. Goldner
Asian Appreciation Ms. Thai
Cartoon Mr. Goldner
Christian Athletes Mr. Goldner
CJSF Ms. Heyer
Debate Mr. Victor
Drawing Club Mr. Alkire
Dungeons & Dragons Ms. La
Emo Club Ms. Thai
Female Leadership Academy Ms. Kilkenny
Fight Club (video games) Mr. Tate
Football Mr. Goldner
Gamers Ms. Thai
Give Back Club (GBC) Ms. Brady
KPop Ms. Brady
Latin X  Ms. Florez & Mr. Quintanilla 
Lego Club Dr. Nah
Lonely Hearts Mr. Fox
Male Leadership Mr. Alkire
Mythology Ms. Brady
Newbery Book Club Ms. Gru
Paint & Chill Ms. Johansson
Pride Alliance (LGBTQ) Ms. Heyer
Rubiks Cube Ms. Weber
Small Business Ms. Grabowski
Stanford Project Lit Ms. Waddles
Story of FNAF Ms. Mulvehill
Theater Club Mr. Del Rossi
Think Green Ms. Wilkerson, Ms. Ruegg, Ms. La
UMOJA Ms. Jones
Wings of Fire Ms. Gru