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School Site Council Meetings

School Site Council


The School Site Council is generally responsible for:

  • Assessing needs of students and using data to set goals

  • Gathering information from the school’s English Learners Advisory Committee and other advisory groups on campus

  • Revising the Single Plan for Student Achievement with budgetary allocations

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the school plan

  • Revising the Home-School Compact and Parent Involvement Guidelines, as needed

  • Revising School Site Council By-laws, as needed

*The governing board (Long Beach Unified Board of Education) holds the final authority.

Parent Involvement Guidelines

Stanford Middle School recognizes that parents/guardians are their children’s first and most influential teachers and that continued parent involvement in the education of children contributes greatly to student achievement and a positive school environment. In order to engage parents/guardians positively in their children’s education, Stanford will:

1. Help parents/guardians through parent workshops to develop parenting skills and provide home environments that support their children’s academic efforts and development as responsible members of society

2. Inform parents/guardians that they directly affect the success of their children’s learning and provide them with techniques and strategies they may use to improve their children’s academic success and help their children in learning at home

3. Utilize ParentVue, School Loop and other effective two-way communication between home and school so that parents/guardians know when and how to support their children at school.

4. Encourage parents/guardians to serve as volunteers, attend student performances, school meetings, and participate in PTA, School Site Councils and other activities in which they may undertake governance, advisory and advocacy roles.

5. Include parents and guardians of English Language Learners in the development, implementation, and evaluation of core and categorical programs for English learners. Inform parents about how they can be involved in the education of their children and be active participants in assisting their children to achieve English proficiency, achieve at high levels in core academic subjects and meet challenging state academic standards expected of all students.

6. Encourage the parents of English language learners to serve as advocates on Stanford’s English Language Advisory Council (ELAC) to serve as advocates/advisors for the needs of EL students.

7. Commit resources to develop and deliver services to increase parent involvement in all school activities.